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What an energy vampire is all about?

Energy vampire is a term used to refer to those people who have very strong influences over the lifestyle pattern of the others. These people usually leave the others in a completely distraught state. People who get affected by these individuals are often left tired, depressed as well as completely unfocused from his or her immediate surroundings. All these things happen without any of the action being attributed to psychic activities.

The relation between the topics of psychic parasitism and vampirism was discussed by eminent researchers in the ear as early as 1930. The book Psychic self-defense by Dion Fortune tells us vividly about the relationship between the two separate topics. Psychic vampirism was considered by these people to be a combination psychological as well as psychic pathology. However the researchers have pointed out the subtle difference between pure psychic vampirism and the mindset change of a particular person which may produce symptoms in a person similar to it.

The very term psychic vampire was popularized by the different Christian cults such as the church of Satan in the 1960s. The term in itself is said to have been coined by Anton La Vey who authored a book on the same topic. La Vey described such a psychic vampire as an individual who was both physically as well as spiritually in a weak state, these people often take away the vital energy from other people and hence allow the draining of energy from those people in a psychic manner.

The psychic vampire is also popularly known as energy vampire in the Russian culture. This term has gained even more popularity with the fall of the Soviet Union, as the practice of occult is in full swing in the country.

The modern day subcultures of vampires have made their theme to be that of psychic vampires. Many researchers have over the years investigated the operations of these subcultures. Creating within a person certain forces to drain them of their energies has often been the work of these energy vampires. The members of the cult of these energy vampires themselves believe that they are able to create ‘pranic’ forces.  For more information check out www.creatingwithin.com 

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